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Nicolas Malinowsky for hotel radio - long sleeve tee

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Drop #2 hotel radio paris clothing line

This time we teamed up with Nicolas Malinowsky. The French artist and musician is a man of many passions, one of which is skateboarding. This illustration celebrates the simple but essential beauty and fun of one's local skateboarding spot. It is part of a large series of black ink illustrations that Nicolas is currently working on, some of which can be seen on his Instagram @nicolasmalinowsky.
When he's not making art, Nicolas works as a Creative Director. He was one of the founders of the now defunct but cult Chill magazine, and is a former member of the Ill-studio. He now runs his own design studio, Atelier Malinowsky, and works on both graphic and product design.
Music is another one of his passion. Nicolas has played tunes on Hotel Radio Paris before, and has worked as a designer for both the Sound Pellegrino and the Ed Banger Records label.
Last but not least, Nicolas has been a staple of the french skate scene for the last 15 years, not only as a skateboarder, but also as a designer and a musician, creating graphics for skateboarding brands and creating video part soundtracks.
A former fellow Montmartre resident, he recently moved with his family to the sunnier skies and tranquil skate spots of Bordeaux. <3